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Revelation Perth International Film Festival – July 5th + 6th 2014

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Revelation Film Festival 2014

2014 Films


Charlie Victor Romeo

Dir: Robert Berger, Patrick Daniels and Karlyn Michelson
Duration: 90mins
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Source: Caterina Bartha


Offical selection: Sundance 

Irving Gregory – co-writer and cast member – will be in attendance for a Q&A.

Shot in 3D Charlie Victor Romeo – aka Cockpit Voice Recorder – draws upon a series of black box recordings to re-create six genuine airline emergencies.

Originally a multi-award winning 1999 downtown NYC theatrical production that counted pilots and US Air Force among its audience, this film adaptation has garnered equal praise – screening at Sundance (2013) and Copenhagen International Documentary Festival (2013) amongst others.

This drama-documentary film offers a white knuckle study of how pilots and airline crews operate in emergency situations, as well as the kind of emergencies that can arise. What transpires is a tense and utterly fascinating vision of what happens on the flight deck when things start to go wrong.

But the film eschews exploitation, this is not a disaster movie, but a film about how highly trained people work in an emergency (comparisons could be made to surgeons or fire fighters, who equally show calm in the face of emergencies). While the audience may be aware that the very presence of these recordings does not bode well, the film does not dwell on death but on human interaction and the skills of the people who keep planes in the air.

A unique documentary.

SAT July 5th, 2PM, LUNA
SUN July 6th, 3.45PM, LUNA

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