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    When you board an airplane, who are those people in uniform to whom you
    entrust your life? What do they really do when things go horribly wrong? Derived
    entirely from the “black box” transcripts of six major airline emergencies, Charlie
    Victor Romeo puts the audience inside the tension-filled cockpits of actual flights in
    distress, offering a fascinating portrait of the psychology of crisis and a person’s
    will to live to the last second.

    “[This] chilling and groundbreaking production stretches the boundaries of film,
    theatre, and the traditional documentary with this stereoscopic 3-D film of a stage
    play that recreates transcripts word for word. Charlie Victor Romeo transports
    film audiences into the best seats of the theatre and delivers the intensity and
    gut-wrenching emotion of these emergencies via the unique approach of live

    Shari Frilot, Senior programmer Sundance Film Festival & New Frontier

  • Meet Our Film Team

    3-Legged Dog Producer

    3-Legged Dog


    Learn more: 3-LeggedDog

    Caterina Bartha Producer

    Caterina Bartha


    Learn more: IMDB

    Collective:Unconscious Producer



    Learn more: CollectiveUnconsiousNYC

    Debbie Troche Cast

    Debbie Troche


    Learn more: DebbieTroche

    Derek Wright Lighting Design

    Derek Wright

    Lighting Design

    Learn more: DerekWrightLight

    Goldcrest Post NY

    Goldcrest Post NY

    Online Post Production

    Learn more: GoldcrestPostNY

    Irving Gregory Cast

    Irving Gregory

    Writer & Cast

    Learn more: VersionOnePointZero

    Jamie Mereness Sound Designer

    Jamie Mereness

    Sound Designer

    Learn more: IMDB

    Joel Hamilton Sound Mix

    Joel Hamilton

    Sound Mix

    Learn more: JoelHamiltonRecording

    Karlyn Michelson Director

    Karlyn Michelson

    Co-Director & Editor

    Learn More: IMDB

    Kevin Cunningham Executive Producer

    Kevin Cunningham

    Executive Producer

    Learn more: IMDB

    Kevin Reilly Sound Recordist/Editor

    Kevin Reilly

    Sound Recordist/Editor

    Learn more: IMDB

    NHK Cosmomedia America

    NHK Cosmomedia America

    3D Stereographic Production

    Learn more: NHK Cosmomedia

    Noel Dinneen Cast

    Noel Dinneen


    Learn more: IMDB

    Nora Woolley Cast

    Nora Woolley

    Cast & Associate Producer

    Learn more: NoraWoolley

    Patrick Daniels Producer & Cast

    Patrick Daniels

    Co-Director, Producer, Writer & Cast

    Learn more: IMDB

    Robert Berger Director

    Robert Berger

    Co-Director, Producer, Writer & Cast

    Learn more: IMDB

    Sam Zuckerman Cast

    Sam Zuckerman

    Cast & Associate Producer

    Learn more: IMDB

    Studio G Brooklyn

    Studio G Brooklyn

    Audio Post Production

    Learn more: Studio G Brooklyn

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