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CVR film presentations enhance CRM, safety, and communications training

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Reel Stuff Aviation Resources LLC

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Charlie Victor Romeo film presentations enhance CRM, safety, and communications training for aviation and healthcare professionals

Ron Kaplan of Reel Stuff Aviation Resources named agent of record
for non-theatrical screenings; 2D or 3D version presented by
playwrights and directors

(Dayton, OH – October 14, 2013)  The producers of the acclaimed 1999 play, Charlie Victor Romeo, and filmmakers behind the new 2D and 3D movie version of the play have named Ron Kaplan the agent-of-record for non-theatrical screenings of the film.  Kaplan is the director of Reel Stuff Aviation Resources in Dayton, Ohio, and is responsible for the film’s bookings by safety conference, training seminar and professional convention planners.  Each screening is personally presented by Charlie Victor Romeo playwrights and filmmakers.

Charlie Victor Romeo debuted in 1999 as an award winning play based entirely on the black box transcripts of real-life airline emergencies.  The stage production’s spartan, intimate and authentic portrayal of ordinary professionals thrust into extraordinary life-threatening crisis was hailed as a riveting drama.  The play was almost immediately embraced by Department of Defense, civil aviation, and healthcare professionals as a safety education tool, especially valuable to the training philosophy known as crew resource management (CRM).

Private non-theatrical bookings of Charlie Victor Romeo (CVR) feature Directors Bob Berger and Patrick Daniels sharing their unique and thought-provoking insights with the audience.  The pair has been presenting CVR to audiences for over 14 years, conducting question-and-answer breakout discussions about the piece with panels from a wide variety of professional and artistic groups.  In collaboration with the presenting organization, the panel participants and content of the sessions are structured to leverage CVR and engage the audience to suit the host’s needs.

CVR is relevant to professional training and development in such areas as:

  • Crew Resource Management (aviation and healthcare)
  • Crisis Communications
  • Medical Safety & Procedures Training
  • Human Factor Systems Development
  • Hospital Patient Care

“Good theatre is entertaining. Great theatre not only communicates and educates, it inspires change through action,” said Reel Stuff Aviation Resources director Ron Kaplan.  “Charlie Victor Romeo has proven itself to be that rare, unforgettable drama that holds the power to change things for the better.  The play transformed the audience’s perspective on safety, communications, and professional development in general.  I feel privileged to help others share and benefit from those same lessons through special film presentations of Charlie Victor Romeo.”

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