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Based on the award-winning play, the feature-length film CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO brings pioneering indie-style 3D to Sundance’s New Frontier Film section, where it will have its world premiere on Monday, January 21st at Prospector Square Theatre.CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO started its life as an award-winning play based entirely on the black box transcripts of real-life airline emergencies – inspiring Wall Street Journal to call it “the most frightening show I have ever seen”.On the big screen, CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO becomes a psychological techno thriller. Allowing the audience into the tension-filled cockpits of actual flights in distress, the film offers a fascinating portrait of the psychology of crisis and a testament to the ability to live to the last second. What is going on behind that door in the front of the airplane? Who are these people to whom we trust our lives? What do they really do when things go horribly wrong? The audience has the best seats in the house.
CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO proves that 3D can be more than a marketing tool: it brings the audience closer to the pilots’ experiences as they fight to save their passengers and their own lives in the face of impending disaster.

The stage production was created in 1999 by Bob Berger, Patrick Daniels and Irving Gregory, and premiered at Collective: Unconscious in NYC. It won critical acclaim in the New York TimesWall Street JournalVillage VoiceHollywood Reporter, ABC News, PBS’s “News Hour with Jim Lehrer”, and was immediately embraced by the aviation community. CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO won two Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding Unique Theatrical Experience and Outstanding Sound Design, and made Time Magazine’s Best Theater Top Ten Plays in 2004. Following the premiere in 1999 through 2008, the play toured nationally and internationally.

CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO is a collaboration between Collective: Unconscious, the arts organization that originally staged the play, 3LD Art & Technology Center, where the project was filmed in 3D as part of its 3LD/3D+ program, a new cross platform program for the production and distribution of experimental artwork.

The partially crowd-funded, Charlie Victor Romeo has also received support from The Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund, The American Express Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Further details about the film are on-line at

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